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For more than 15 years now, Piscines Magiline
has been simplifying the use of your swimming
pool, so that all you have to do is simply enjoy it.
With the MAGIsel electrolyser and the
MAGIpH pH regulator, we offer you a
simple, complete, reliable and effective
solution to treating and regulating your
swimming pool. Simply set the desired
values and your devices will do the rest.

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Your MAGIsel electrolyser produces the
right quantity of salt that you need. You
simply have to set the required production
using its tactile buttons. You will then enjoy
perfectly healthy and crystal clear water,
without the constraints linked to the use of
treatment products.
To guarantee a perfect working life,
MAGIsel has nine titanium electrodes with
a self-cleaning function that uses polarity
inversion. In addition, the electrolysis
chamber is transparent, allowing you to
check the proper circulation of the water
and the proper operation of the device
visually. This electrolysis chamber is also
fitted with a pipe saddle that allows you to
install the sensors of your other equipment,
such as MAGIpH.