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Since we were established in 1994

Our company History

Since we were established in 1994, Piscines Magiline has enthusiastically worked towards making the swimming pool market more democratic. We innovate to offer technical progress, competitive prices and optimal safety solutions: so that everybody can enjoy simple access to quality and well-being.

Because we have a passion for swimming pools. This passion really drives all members of the Piscines Magiline teams. More than a simple corporate philosophy, it runs in our genes...

With over 84 internationally registered patents and more than 40,000 pools installed, our designs can really make your dreams come true... Our quality swimming pools can adapt to the shape you desire and fit perfectly and safely into your garden or home. To enhance your property, we can also provide tailor-made swimming pools based on our patented modular structure, which benefits from a ten-year guarantee (France). These pools are easy to build and comfortably satisfy all tastes, styles and budgets, offering many years of unimpaired enjoyment.

Our swimming pools are both economical and ecological, right from the day they are installed and for as long as you use them. They meet all safety requirements and will offer you great enjoyment.

We invest heavily today to prepare the future. All Magiline pools are designed and made at our high-performance, over 30,000 m² industrial site located in Troyes (France), so manufacturing is 100 % French.

Research & Development

We are probably quite in the swimming sector, as we are committed to designing and manufacturing all the elements of our pools in order to ensure, notably, that they fit together perfectly and provide you with ultimate comfort, safety and durability. We do not simply assemble; we design and make the swimming pools.

Swimming pool Designer-manufacturer

To provide you with the best service, we design and manufacture our pools to make them work perfectly from the very start; all you need to do is enjoy them. Swimming pools are our Passion with a capital ‘P’. Here, in Troyes (France), Piscines Magiline engineers have designed unprecedented modular structure techniques, and they test each new system in our state of-the-art technical testing centre. This is where we conduct all our research on filtration and hydraulics. This is also where Magiline innovates each day, designing with ongoing enthusiasm, fuelled by the desire to give you satisfaction. With Piscines Magiline, top quality is the norm.

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